I’m accepting requests for Art commissions for portrait drawings of just about anyone, famous or non-famous. Please be aware that when commissioning me, reference images that you want me to use must be in HQ, HD or High-Resolution. I can’t do the portrait drawing(s) if the reference images are to small, fuzzy or blurry. I need to be able to see them clearly in order for me to work with. Either you can e-mail me a picture of the reference image or you can send it to me by post office mail along with your payment for the drawing. If sending reference images through post office mail, they must be the exact size of the paper I’ll use for your portrait drawing (sizes and availability are listed below). If you don’t want me to write on the reference image(s), send me a printed copy. Make sure reference images are in black and white. For the time being, I’m only accepting Art commissions for those living in the U.S., but I’m willing to make exceptions for those who live overseas/Canada IF you know how to change your country’s currency to U.S. dollars.
Please be aware that I only do portrait drawings of people and no backgrounds or very little of it. I don’t create nude drawings of anyone famous and/or non-famous. I keep my work clean and respectful. However, I will draw adult males shirtless, as long as they are wearing pants/shorts. I also don’t create drawings that promote hate, racism, prostitution, adult porn and child pornography.
Please make sure you want or can afford  to commission me for a drawing. Full payment needs to be made before I begin working on your commission. It would be unfair to me and other clients if you commissioned me and then later drop me without warning, not to mention a waste of my time and art supplies. Art supplies are very expensive materials and I use only the best for my art.

Prices for Portrait drawings and their sizes:

5” X 7”
$40- all drawings of this particular size is $40, no matter how many people are in it.
8” X 10” and 9” X  12″
$80- Simple/one person
$130- Two people
$175- Three or more people
$200- Very complicated/detailed/intense art
11” X 14”
$120- Simple/one person
$170- Two people
$215- Three or more people
$240- Very complicated/detailed/intense art
14” X 17” [Size unavailable at this time]
$160- Simple/one person
$210-Two people
$255- Three or more people
$280- Very complicated/detailed/intense art
18” X 24” [Size unavailable at this time]
$200- Simple/one person
$250- Two people
$295- Three or more people
$320- Very complicated/detailed/intense art
Payment options:
Money Orders
Cash (send this kind of payment discreetly- hide cash inside a card, birthday card, friendship card or etc. I‘m not responsible if cash gets lost or stolen )
**Payment must be paid and received in full before I start on your portrait drawing(s).

Shipping & Handling options/charges:
You have the option to choose what kind of Postal mail service you want me to use for  your portrait drawing(s). Shipping and handling charges are listed below:
Priority Mail- $10
Express/2Day Mail- $25
Contact information:
If you want to commission me or if you have any questions contact me at edithprr@gmail.com. When contacting me, please put on the subject line of your e-mail message “Art commission request(s)” or “Art commission question(s)”.
All drawings and its images are copyrighted to Edith Parra. At no time are you to use, sell or reprint any of the drawings created by the artist. To inquire about the public or private use of the drawings and its images contact me at edithprr@gmail.com. Don’t be shy to ask me permission, I enjoy sharing my drawings to the world.

Drawings are done only in Graphite (black & white) and on Vellum Bristol Paper. Drawings can take me up to 7 to 14 days to finish. For extremely detailed and difficult drawings (like group shots for example) it can take me up to a month or more to complete.